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Philipp Steitz

Categoría: Ciencia

After concluding my bachelor’s in chemistry, I noticed that, even though I took great interest in the subject I was missing something. Therefore, I started to work at KPMG in Accounting Advisory to get more insight into business related context in order to understand how to bring innovations from the laboratory to the outside world. Which is why, once back in my home university I started my second master’s in business administration with a focus on entrepreneurship in addition to my master’s in chemistry. Therefore, I find this initiative and price so impressive. It gives a podium to sciences and people who burn for their topics and helps bringing their experiments to the outside world.
Regarding my chemical path, my home university was mostly focused on technical chemistry which not quite hit my field of interest. Therefore, to truly discover what is my fundamental scientific interest I took many stops and conducted research at research institutes such as the Leibniz Institute for interactive materials or the Max-Planck Institute of Polymer Research, studied at universities such as the RWTH, TU Delft or Tsinghua University in Beijing and worked companies such as a small chemical startup, BASF and Merck. All these stops have helped me meet great personalities and expand my scientific and social horizon. But most crucially they have guided me along the way to discover my true scientific aspiration.
I am incredibly happy and thankful that I have now, for my final Master Thesis project found a place at the CIPF that not only combines all the knowledge I have gathered so far (from oncology, over advanced cell models, drug delivery and macromolecular chemistry to peptide chemistry) but also perfectly resonates with my personal passion and the experiences of my childhood. And all of this perfectly fitted into the beautiful and thriving city of Valencia. Lastly, working on cancer therapeutics also resonates with me on a very personal and emotional level as I have lost someone very close to me in my childhood due to cancer. Therefore, working on this horrible disease deeply honors me and being considered for the la Caixa price for science for this work would be the perfect conclusion.

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